Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Quick Tip

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A Lesson in Shelf Life!

Do you hold onto make-up and beauty products that you aren't using? Many of these products have a limited shelf life, because they contain organic compounds that naturally break down over time. So you should consider checking the labels and cleaning your cabinets of any products that are expired. But maybe you don't know what to look for? Products in squeeze-tubes (like toothpaste, ointment, or creme) usually have an expiration date printed or imprinted along the flat seam of the tube. The date probably reads year/month (yyyy/mm). Cardboard boxes and pill bottles usually have a date on the top or bottom. Cosmetics, hair products, and lotions often use a different convention; rather than an expiration date, look for a number inside an icon. The icon looks sorta like a line-drawing of an open jar, with the lid raised up. The number inside the icon represents shelf life as an estimate in months from the date of purchase. It could say 12M, 18M, 6M, 24M, etc. You may not remember when you bought something, but you probably know approximately how long a product has been in your cabinet... If it's been there more than a year or two, chances are good it's old enough to toss it. But not all products "go bad". Pressed powder doesn't necessarily expire at all, and nail polish lasts just as long as most other household paints. When in doubt - such as when there is no expiration date on the product - contact the brand or consult a cosmetologist (or a doctor) before using any product that's been in your cabinet for more than a year. If it was safe to use in the first place, there may not be any harm in using an old lotion or lipstick; but when products lose their effectiveness, what good are they? And besides - better safe than sorry!

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