Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 Gifts for the Animal Lover In Your Life

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3 Gifts for the Animal Lover In Your Life

Does your wife love owls more than she loves you? Is your niece obsessed with ponies, dolphins or kittens? You don't have to compete for their affection with all the members of the animal kingdom. Instead, buy them one of these three gifts and embrace a new species together.

1: Dog Gift Baskets

Perfect for the pet owner who loves to spoil their pooch, a dog gift basket can be stuffed with everything from gourmet treats to high-end chew toys. Fido will love all his new playthings; his mom will be pleased that he can snack in luxury without having to pay for it herself!

2: Life-Sized Pillows

You may not be able to import her a sloth from Madagascar, but you can still bring its spirit into the house when you buy a life-sized pillow with all the proper appendages. Perfect for animal fans both young and old, she'll get a real kick out of cuddling with her favorite animal!

3: Orphan Sponsorship

Too many animals in the world have been abandoned by fate and left to the ravages of time, malnutrition and disease. The good news is that you don't have to foster them in order to support their recovery. By sponsoring a chimp or baby cheetah in her name, she'll receive pictures, updates and more donation opportunities from a good cause.

These are just three gifts that will delight the animal lover in your life. If they have a fondness for anything warm and fuzzy, they'll adore your thoughtfulness when you give them something animal-related for their next birthday!


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