Sunday, November 26, 2017

Kitchen Makeover DIY - Painted Kitchen Countertops

We bought a 40 year old fixer upper with a kitchen that was desperate for love. Prior to these pictures I have painted/repaired the cabinets and walls and added all new hardware. This alone has done WONDERS but there is still a lot of work to do. I have researched how to paint laminate countertops for months and to be honest I have been very hesitant to tackle this part of the improvement process. I was torn between concrete overlay and painting. Wanting to get this done  as quick and a cost effectively as possible, I chose painting. I picked up one can of Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating from Lowes and a foam roller kit. The paint is tintable to several shades but they were not dark enough to my liking. I shared my concern with the employee that assisted me and he was able to darken it up a bit more.
Here is my before. (the backsplash is still a work in progress. I had to order more peel and stick tiles)

 I painted the edges with a brush and used a roller on everything else. I used thin layers each time. I did the first layer and let it dry for one hour. I added the second layer and let it dry overnight. I added the third layer and let it dry for three days. Here are the results after the first layer:
 As you can see there are several areas where the yellow is still showing through. The fumes from this paint were very strong. I had the window and screen door open with two fans running on high.
Here are the results after the second coat:
The lighting in the picture makes the two sides look like they are different colors, but they are not. The picture to the right reflects the true color. I had a few areas that needed touched up after I removed the painters tape so i used a very small paint brush around the sink and backsplash and then rolled on a third coat. The color is exactly what I had hoped it would be. In this final picture, the paint is still very wet. 

At this time I do not plan to add a top coat of varnish, but I will add updates as it sees some use in the next days and months.


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